Russia replaces Black Sea fleet chief after Crimea setbacks

KYIV, 18 August 2022, (TON): Russia has replaced the commander of its Crimea-based Black Sea Fleet, a state news agency reported.

This comes after a series of explosions rocked the peninsula it annexed in 2014 and had previously seen as a secure rear base for its war in Ukraine.

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper said “Moscow blamed saboteurs for blasts that engulfed an ammunition depot in northern Crimea. Plumes of smoke were later seen rising at a second Russian military base in central Crimea.”

Ukraine has not officially taken responsibility but has hinted at it.

The apparent Ukrainian capability to strike deeper into Russian-occupied territory, either with some form of weapon or with sabotage, indicates a shift in the conflict. Blasts destroyed warplanes at a Russian naval air base in Crimea last week.

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