Dutch commandos wounded in shooting outside hotel in gun-crazy US

AMSTERDAM, 29 August 2022, (TON): Dutch Defense Ministry said “three Dutch commandos in the United States for training exercises were wounded in a shooting outside their hotel in Indianapolis on Friday night.”

It said “one of them was in critical condition, a statement published on Saturday said. The men were in the state of Indiana for training.”

It added that local police were investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), which is handling the investigation, was not immediately available for comment. An IMPD officer told FOX 59 it appeared an altercation took place earlier at a different location from the Hampton Inn in downtown Indianapolis.

“Right now the information we’re willing to disclose is that it was not something that occurred inside the hotel,” the officer told the news channel.

“It was a previous altercation we believe at another location. It did not happen inside the Hampton, the actual occurrence was outside.”

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