British Embassy in Amman kicks off ‘UK in Jordan 4 Inclusion’ campaign

AMMAN, 06 September 2022, (TON): The British Embassy in Amman is launching a month-long campaign ‘UK in Jordan 4 Inclusion’ to celebrate and highlight the importance and benefits of inclusion in all its forms.

Throughout this month, the British Embassy and British Council will emphasise inclusion across all areas of their work in Jordan, including gender equality, youth engagement and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The British Ambassador, Bridget Brind, will engage with different partners to support equality and inclusion as a vital part of the design and delivery of the UK’s programmes and policies with Jordanian and international partners.

The ‘UK in Jordan 4 Inclusion’ campaign will include a range of activities to promote inclusion, including in education, the economy, the security sector, diplomacy and the environment.

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