Hamas Chief Calls for Holding Comprehensive Palestinian Dialogue

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RAMALLAH, 04 January 2021, (TON): Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas Islamic movement chief, has called for holding a comprehensive Palestinian dialogue as soon as possible following a decision to hold general elections in the territory.

Haniyeh said in a televised address on Al-Aqsa TV on Sunday that Hamas and Fatah put an end to their dispute over holding general elections, adding that his movement is ready to involve in the legislative and presidential elections.

He stressed that the Palestinians should agree on a unified national political program, as well as a specific strategy of resistance in the Palestinian territories that would help Palestinians gain their legitimate rights.

On January 1, Haniyeh addressed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas via an official letter, confirming that his movement is ready to end the internal division and hold general elections.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian President welcomed what came in Hamas's letter about ending division, building partnership and accomplishing national unity.

Abbas decided to invite Hana Nasser, Chairman of the Palestinian Central Elections Commission, to discuss the procedures for issuing the decrees related to holding the elections.

Despite a history of strife, Fatah and Hamas recently announced their agreement to put differences aside.

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