Malaysian court halted 1,200 deportations of Myanmar migrants

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KUALA LUMPUR, 23 February, 2021 (TON): On Tuesday, the Malaysian court ordered to stop planned deportation of 1,200 Myanmar migrants to hear an appeal by two human rights groups that say the migrants included refugees, asylum seekers and minors.

Followed by the legal summon by the Amnesty International Malaysia and Asylum Access Malaysia, the order by the court came just after the migrants were transported to a naval base where three Myanmar military ships were waiting to take them home.

Amnesty International Malaysia’s director, Katrina Jorene Maliamauv said, “In light of the court ruling, the government must respect the court order and ensure that not one of the 1,200 individuals is deported today.”

It is said that court will hear their appeal on Wednesday.

However, the rights group has urged the government to reconsider its plans to send the migrants back home, where human rights violations are high following the 1 February military coup.

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