The U.S. families of victims prosecuted the Saudi Arabia for overlooking the Florida Naval Base incident

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NEW YORK, 23 February, 2021 (TON): Naval base incident victims' families are taking the kingdom to court over the attack for three people were killed and 13 others were wounded when a Saudi flight student opened fire at a naval base in Florida in 2019.

The victims’ families argue that Saudi officials knew about the shooter's ties to the militant group in the Kingdom.

On Monday, the families filed a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, arguing the kingdom knew of the gunman's radicalization and could have prevented the killings.

Three US sailors were shot dead and 13 others were injured in the attack at training facilities for foreign military at the Naval Air Station Pensacola on 6 December, 2019.

In the investigations that followed, US officials revealed that the shooter had planned the attack for years, expressing extremist ideology and communicating with the terror group.

In the civil lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Pensacola on Monday, the victims' families argue that the Saudi government overlooked

The suit argues that as the shooter was part of a small group of students sent to study in the US, he would have undergone an extensive screening process by the Saudi security, which is capable of monitoring communications of people seen as a threat to security.

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