Covid-19 outbreak hits US Embassy in Afghanistan

KABUL, 18 June 2021, (TON): More than 100 people at the US Embassy in Kabul have Covid-19, one person has died, and several have been medically evacuated as a wave of the deadly pandemic hits Afghanistan and the US military withdrawal from the country continues.

According to an Embassy management “the surge in cases has prompted a lockdown at the diplomatic mission and the creation of temporary, on-compound COVID-19 wards to care for oxygen-dependent patients because military hospital ICU resources are at full capacity.”

It noticed that 95% of our cases are individuals who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.

Eric Rubin, the President of the American Foreign Service Association, said “his understanding was that the outbreak at the embassy was primarily among American embassy employees and contractors.”

Amid the outbreak, all personnel at the embassy's compound are confined to quarters, except to get food from the DFACs, a military term for dining facilities, or to exercise or relax outdoors, alone, the notice said, outlining a series of restrictions on activities and work.

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