Appointment of the first High Commissioner of the New Zealand to Sri Lanka

COLOMBO, 25 July 2021, (TON): The Government of New Zealand with the concurrence of the Government of Sri Lanka has appointed Michael Edward Appleton as the first High Commissioner of New Zealand to Sri Lanka based in Colombo. The New Zealand High Commission in India has so far coordinated Sri Lankan affairs.

Michael Edward Appleton said he was pleased to be the first High Commissioner to the newly established New Zealand High Commission in Sri Lanka, expanding diplomatic relations between the two countries.

President Rajapaksa commended Cuba for its support to Sri Lanka at the United Nations General Assembly.

The new envoys told the President that they are committed to developing long-term relations between Sri Lanka and their respective countries in new areas.

President Rajapaksa briefed the new ambassadors on the steps taken by the government since the outbreak of Covid and the progress made in vaccination.

The President underscored the focus on the use of organic fertilizers and the steps taken to obtain a high percentage of the country’s energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2030.

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