Israel manufacturing radar systems for the German Army in 36M Euros

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JERUSALEM, 17June, 2021 (TON): On Thursday, the state-owned company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced to manufacture and deliver 69 tactical mobile radar systems in 36 million euros to the German Land Forces.

IAI said, the systems IAI’s WatchGuard, fifth generation of motion-detection tactical ground surveillance radars.

It added, employing both staring and electronic-steering search techniques, the systems are expected to replace the aging legacy systems in the German army.

The systems feature a high update rate; enable high probability of target detection and tracking to support complex missions.

Adapting and optimizing the radar operation for any scenario can be achieved via the combination of staring and scanning.

Moreover, besides all-weather and day-night capability, these systems can undertake long-term reconnaissance and surveillance in large areas while occupying a small force footprint.


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