Iran’s Khamenei urges reversal of Arab-Israeli normalisations

TEHRAN, 25 October 2021, (TON): Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said “Arab nations that normalised ties with Israel last year have “sinned” and should reverse such moves.”

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco agreed to normalise ties with Israel in 2020, as Washington under the administration of then-US President Donald Trump made Arab-Israeli rapprochement a foreign policy priority.

Khamenei said, referring to Israel “some governments have unfortunately made errors – have made big errors and have sinned in normalising [their relations] with the usurping and oppressive Zionist regime.”

“It is an act against Islamic unity, they must return from this path and make up for this big mistake,” Khamenei added, in a speech marking a public holiday honouring the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

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