Latest on Israeli war on Palestinian population

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By Afshain Afzal
All culprits and some of the stakeholders who were party to the dirty alliance have distance from playing the lead role in the Israeli war on the Palestinian population. If we recall, on the world’s chessboard Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani and the European Union’s coordinator for the nuclear talks, Enrique Mora met in Tehran on 11 May 2023. Interestingly, this meeting coincided with the visit of Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani who met Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran for talks on two important issues including efforts to restore Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal which United States unilaterally abandoned in 2018 and Israeli actions in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem in 2022. These moves have been put on the back burner for some appropriate time. President Ebrahim Raisi was critical to limited responses from Arab countries but now these statements are seen with doubt. Qatar organized talks of surrendered Hamas former leaders including Ismail Haniyeh with the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian but ground positions in Gaza and the unveiling of truth prevented them from showing their cards.

In the latest development, Washington announced sanctions on Iranian weapons manufacturers to give an impression that Iran provided weapons and funds to Muslims of Gaza or that Washington is not in alliance with Tehran, but it is totally misleading. There is no doubt that those Muslims who surrendered to US and Israel are fighting against the Palestinians. Washington cannot deny the reports received which claimed Israeli cargo planes were sighted unloading heavy weapons in Iranian – Azerbaijan border at Araks. Apparently, Tel Aviv was arming the Iranians or Armenians to get the enclave’s control back to Armenian military but things were not so simple. In another development, US and Israel since some time started dumping weapons in Iraq. The deadly plans to create new war theatres in Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine must not be allowed to materialize. The United Nations Organization (UNO) and human rights organizations must come forward to struggle for peace and disallow the evil game that is being planned.
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