Russia’s war in Ukraine could last years, NATO’s Stoltenberg says

FRANKFURT, 19 June 2022, (TON): Russia’s war in Ukraine could take years, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a German weekly newspaper, adding “the supply of state-of-the-art weaponry to Ukrainian troops would increase the chance of liberating the Donbas region from Russian control.”

Stoltenberg told Bild am Sonntag “we must prepare for the fact that it could take years. We must not let up in supporting Ukraine.”

“Even if the costs are high, not only for military support, also because of rising energy and food prices.”

Stoltenberg said earlier this week “a NATO summit in Madrid later this month is expected to agree an assistance package for Ukraine that will help the country with the move from old Soviet-era weaponry to NATO standard gear.”

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