Russia putting world in danger of famine, warns EU

BRUSSELS, 19 June 2022, (TON): EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said “Russia is putting the world at risk of famine through its blockade of Ukraine’s shipments of grains and restrictions on its own exports.”

The threat to food security and a battle of narrative with Russia on Western-imposed sanctions on Moscow over Ukraine will dominate European Union foreign ministers’ talks in Luxembourg.

Borrell said “we are ready to work with the UN and our partners to prevent any unwanted impact on global food security.”

Borrell said “Russia’s conscious political choice is to ‘weaponize’ grain exports and use them as a tool for blackmail against anyone that opposes its aggression in Ukraine.”

He added “Russia turned the Black Sea into a war zone, blocking shipments of grain and fertilizer from Ukraine but also affecting Russian merchant shipping. Russia is also applying quotas and taxes on its grain exports.”

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