Asiya Andrabi; the Iron lady of Kashmir

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By Zain ul Abideen

The lady who have served entire of her life for the freedom of Kashmir and carrying a moral responsibility for her people and land to pave the way for struggle of freedom against the illegitimate occupation by Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. She founded a group in 1987, named Dukhtaran e Millat to raise the women of Kashmir’s struggle for the freedom while raising the slogans of “Go India go back” and “Kashmir bany ga Pakistan” (Kashmir will become Pakistan). “Islam Ki Nisbat Se, Islam Ke Taluk se, Hum Pakistani Hain, Pakistan Humara Hai (By virtue of our Islamic roots, we are Pakistani, Pakistan is ours).”

Mentioned slogans referred that she and her struggles are totally patriotic and facing cruelties by Indian Army. She is always alleged of terrorism because she raises voice for the human rights of Kashmiris.  She talks of living Rights in Kashmir, independence rights, freedom of speech, surviving freely in their land without the interference of India.

Holder of master’s degree in Arabic literature, and bachelors in biochemistry, Andrabi shot to prominence in the late 1980s, when launched a campaign against social evils under the banner of DeM. She worked on giving Islamic literature to Kashmiri women and tried to implement practicing Islam in the region. She also brought out women of Kashmir from their homes and encouraged them to fight for their next generation’s Independence. She supported women who have been outlawed for allegedly mobilizing women against Indian rule.

She posted a statement on social media that “Ham Hindustan Kay Qaanun Ki Nafi Kartay Hain” (we neglect the Constitution of India). Same as for the time being she also uncovers the real face of evil forces in Kashmir. She also posted some videos showing the cruelty of Indian forces on Kashmiri youth while youth is begging them to forgive.

Since she is fighting against Indian atrocities from here earlier age, she has been jailed number of times and still facing imprisonment. She was first time arrested in 1993 and since then faced many detentions. She was taken into custody in October 2016. Though she was released a few months later but was kept under house arrest, only to be arrested again and shifted to Amphala Jail Jammu in 2017. On 6 July 2018, she had shifted from Srinagar Jail to New Delhi by National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India where Delhi court gave her under the custody of one month at Tihar Jail. Remember that, Tihar Jail is where two top Kashmiri leaders- Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru- were hanged in 1984, and 2013 respectively.

Andrabi’s family is fear of her safety. Her son, Amhed bin Qasim claimed that "My mother is hypertensive, asthmatic, and has Arthralgias. Shifting her to a place, where conditions are appalling, and the schedule is very stringent, is tantamount to playing with her health, and life.

As she is in jail, the authorities sanctioned the prosecution of Andrabi and other Kashmiri leaders that they were alleged to receive funds from Pakistan to conduct terrorists’ activities back in 2010 and 2016.

Because of all the mentioned facts, people of Kashmir are cloyed of very long illegal occupation of Kashmir by Indian forces, which directly lead them to revolt the constitution of India as Andrabia mentioned in her tweet.  The Indian media always propagate and blame Pakistan to hide Indian failure of Kashmir’s forceful occupation.

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