Hindu Community Protests 11 Pakistani Hindus’ Killing in India; Urges UN Chief’s Notice

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ISLAMABAD, 02 January 2021, (TON): The Pakistan Hindu community has protested against the killing of their 11 members in India, and stressed the UN Secretary-General to take notice of the Indian government’s insensitivity to inaction to investigate the case.

 The protest was arranged by All Hindu Panchayat Balmike Sabha Pakistan and was addressed by President Pundit Chana Lal, Secretary-General Oum Parkash Narain, District Rawalpindi President Dilip Kumar.

 Dozens of the Hindu community members while holding a protest demonstration before the Foreign Ministry and carried the placards, condemned the mysterious killing, and sought justice. They chanted slogans against Indian Premier Narendra Modi and demanded the Indian government to ensure a fair probe into the case.

 On August 9, 11 people including children from a single-family, who had migrated to India from Pakistan, were found dead in a field in the Jodhpur district. The protestors said the Indian government had not even handed over the bodies of the slain Hindus. They viewed that the Modi government had failed to address the issues confronting the minorities.

 The protestors said that considering the Indian government’s callous attitude, they were satisfied with their forefathers’ decision to reside in Pakistan and not to migrate to India. They said in the true spirit of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the minorities in Pakistan enjoyed due respect, constitutional rights religious freedom without any discrimination.

 The Hindu community resolved to continue protest until the victim families got justice and the Indian government mends its conduct.

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