Ethiopia does not wish to enter into a conflict with Sudan, says Dina Mufti Ethiopia’s FM spokesperson

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ADDIS ABABA, 23 February, 2021 (TON): On Tuesday, Ethiopia urged Sudan to withdraw its army troops from the borders before any dialogue begins amid a spike of tensions between the two countries.

Ethiopia does not wish to enter into a conflict with Sudan, said Dina Mufti the ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson.

“Our position on the border crisis with Sudan is clear and has not changed,” Mufti said.

He stated that Sudanese army must return to its former position prior to November 2020 to begin dialogue.  
The spokesperson reiterated accusations of “a third party” involvement in the crisis.

“Sudan’s exploitation of Ethiopia's preoccupation with the law enforcement process in Tigray, and its violation of our borders, confirms the involvement of a third party pushing the military component in Sudan to enter into conflict with Ethiopia to implement its own agenda,” he said.

On 4 November last year, the Tigray went into clash between the Tigray Regional Government and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces and since then, tensions are increased between both sides.


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