Ghani blasts Taliban for having no will for peace

KABUL, 21 July 2021, (TON):  President Ashraf Ghani in a speech on Eid said “recent deeds by the Taliban showed the group has “no will” for peace and going forward, decisions by the government will be made based on that.

Ghani said “the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s decision to send a high-ranking delegation to Doha for negotiations was an ultimatum.”

Ghani said “Taliban made clear many things. Mr. Abdullah told me some minutes ago that there is no will for peace in Taliban. We sent the delegation to do the ultimatum and to show that we have the will for peace and we are ready for sacrifice for it, but they (Taliban) have no will for peace and we should make decisions based on this.”

Ghani said that this Eid has been named after Afghan forces to honor their sacrifices and courage, especially in the last three months.

He added that he has spent the last week working on an urgent and practical plan to overcome the current situation. President Ghani says Afghans should prove in action that they are united.

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