Taliban attacks pushed back in Kapisa

KABUL, 29 July 2021, (TON): A police official said that Taliban attacks in Nijrab district in the central province of Kapisa were pushed back by security forces and members of the public uprising forces early morning.

Kapisa police spokesman Shayiq Shorish said “the attacks happened in Dara-e-Farokh Shah and Dara-e-Kalan areas in Nijrab district.”

He said “the clashes started shortly after midnight and continued until 4 am. Shorish said that six people, including two civilians and four members of the public uprising forces, were killed in the clashes.”

 This comes as former Kapisa governor Mehrabuddin Safi said that weak coordination among public uprising forces led to the fall of many key areas to the Taliban in the province, including Nijrab district.

Safi said that the presence of a large number of Taliban fighters also led to the fall of the Kapisa districts. Security forces left key parts of the Nijrab district two weeks ago, while the Tagab and Ala Sai districts in the province fell to the group earlier in the month.

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