Sudan Regains Full Control of Border with Ethiopia: Ministry

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  KHARTOUM, 01 January 2021, (TON): Sudan’s foreign minister says the army has restored control over all lands along the border that had been taken over by Ethiopian farmers.

“The armed forces have now fully recovered all Sudanese territory,” Minister Omar Qamareddine told a Khartoum news conference on Thursday.

“The borders have already been demarcated, all that’s remaining in our talks … is increasing the border signs,” Qamareddine said.

Tensions have flared between the two countries over the al-Fashqa region of the border, where Ethiopian farmers have been cultivating fertile land which is claimed by Sudan.

Recently, at the start of the previous month, Sudan accused Ethiopia of attacking their troops which resulted in the killing of 4 and wounding of 20. However, Ethiopia denied the accusation and blamed it on terrorists.

Sudan has since deployed troops to the border region and held demarcation talks with its eastern neighbor and now, it has been reported that the army has restored control over the area.


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