India receives first 2 multi-role helicopters from US Navy

NEW DELHI, 18 July 2021, (TON): Defence ministry said “the Indian Navy has received the first two of its 24 multi-role helicopters from the US Navy.”

A statement issued by the ministry said that the navy received MH-60R helicopters in a ceremony held at the US Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego.

The statement said "MH-60R helicopters manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA is an all-weather helicopter designed to support multiple missions with state of the art avionics/sensors."

It said “the Indian Navy is buying 24 of these helicopters from the US government through foreign military sales. The helicopters would also be modified with several India Unique Equipment and weapons."

The first batch of Indian personnel is currently receiving training in the US to exploit these potent helicopters.

These helicopters are a replacement for the Sea King 42/ 42A helicopters, which were decommissioned in the 1990s, and are "envisioned to operate from frontline ships and aircraft carriers, providing them the critical attributes of the flexibility of operation, enhanced surveillance, and attacking capability.

The navy said "the delivery of the helicopters comes at a time when the Indian Ocean Region is witnessing increasing security threats due to the proliferation of submarines."

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