Kabul, Taliban negotiators meet in Qatar as Afghan fighting rages

KABUL, 18 July 2021, (TON): Representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban met in Doha for talks, as violence rages in the country with foreign forces almost entirely withdrawn.

The two sides have been meeting on and off for months in the Qatari capital, but the talks have lost momentum as the insurgents have made battlefield gains.

Several high-ranking officials, including former Afghan former chief executive Abdullah Abdullah, gathered in a luxury hotel after morning prayers.

They were joined by negotiators from the Taliban's political office in Doha.

According to a source “former president Hamid Karzai had also been due to travel to Doha but remained in Kabul.”

Najia Anwari, the spokeswoman for the Afghan government negotiating team in Doha said "the high-level delegation is here to talk to both sides, guide them and support the (government) negotiating team in terms of speeding up the talks and have progress."

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