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China and Pakistan Mutual Cooperation for independent development : Cheng Xizhong

BEIJING, 15 March 2020, TON: China has been assisting Pakistan in cultivating local talents and technical force, building infrastructure, and utilizing its own resources, in order to help Pakistan to independent development, Cheng Xizhong, a Chinese scholar said on Sunday

“In my opinion, to achieve domestic production, three basic conditions need to be created,” he said in his article published by China Economic Net.

Giving the detail, Cheng Xichong, special commentator of China Economic Net, visiting professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law said that the one condition is the market localization.

The core of market localization is the market share. To increase market share, localization features should be strengthened in corporate culture, management mode and sales channels.

The second one is the localization of production and technology. In terms of hardware, it includes localization of complete mobile phone and parts production. In terms of software, it is necessary to integrate international advanced technology with local cultural and economic background.

The last one is the talent localization. Not only should the majority of ordinary workers be local people, but also there should be as many locals as possible involved in management and technical work.

In terms of mobile phone manufacturing, Pakistan may learn from Huawei’s practices and experiences.

Nowadays, “Made in China” is well known in the international market. However, it used to be a byword for poor quality and low price.

In the field of mobile phone manufacturing, Huawei has gradually changed the low-end image of “made in China” with its pure business operation, high-quality products and services. Huawei’s approach has three main points.

Huawei focuses on the core technology. As for mobile phone manufacturing, Huawei’s main success is in the aspect of chips, which gives it a huge advantage in the most competitive field of smart phones.

Huawei attaches great importance to skilled talents and give them good reward. It’s employees enjoy high salary, which is linked with good performance. Besides high salary, Huawei takes many measures to keep the talents, such as distributing a large number of shares of the enterprise, so that every employee has a sense of ownership.

In addition, the CEO system is in turn, so that all outstanding talents have the opportunity to display their ability.

Huawei also looks towards management. Management is a way to the maintenance and development of enterprises. Better management help to the team to work better and the company run more smoothly.


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