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Kashmiris fear elimination in the guise of Coronavirus

SRINAGAR, 29 March 2020, TON: The Kashmiris of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir have complained that India government is forcibly put them in quarantine against their will, despite having no symptoms of any disease. Principal Secretary, Planning, Development & Monitoring Department of Jammu and Kashmir, Rohit Kansal said thjat they want to ensure that not even a single case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) remain unnoticed. He claimed that even the suspected cases are quarantine so that there is no change that the virus is communicated to other areas and neighbouring Indian states. Indian authorities have claimed that so far 38 positive cases of COVID-19 disease have been detected in Jammu and Kashmir.  

A Kashmiri who introduced himself as Gholam Nabi Bhatt resident of Kathua district claimed that Indian security forces are conducting house to house search in the guise of surveillance of Coronavirus positive patients and each day dozens of Kashmirs are loaded on military vehicles to unidentified destinations. He claimed that in his neighbourhood, three youth and one elder person are missing. He appealed Human Right organization to visit occupied Jammu and Kashmir to find out plight of families of missing Kashmiris in the recent weeks.

Rohit Kansal disclosed that administration is proactively taking a number of steps to combat COVID-19 pandemic and in testing in Jammu and Kashmir is highest in whole India. Furnishing the details, he disclosed that Indian Army and security forces are controlling the administration and are aggressively trying to trace out every contact of suspected person who are forced to undergo tests.

The incharge of the quarantine facilities in Srinagar and Jammu disclosed that it is expected that the Coronavirus positive cases in Jammu and Kashmir would cross 30,000. Accordingly the Jammu and Kashmir administration have arranged quarantine facility for 35000 patients including 10,000 in Srinagar and 6,500 in Jammu.

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