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UK Parliament convenes for the first time through Video conferencing in history

LONDON, 21 April 2020, TON: For the first time in 700-year history of UK parliament, the House of Commons convenes 'virtually' in London, on Tuesday, 21 April, amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Fifty MPs are expected to be in the chamber, maintain rules of social distancing and 120 online a 'hybrid' system. Screens will be placed around the chamber to allow the Speaker and the present MPs to see their virtually-present colleagues in zoom mode.

Parliament will debate coronavirus measures and authorize spending on the UK's pandemic response on 21 April. It will not be business as usual for MPs. MPs are due to debate a key piece of Brexit legislation, repealing EU free movement in UK law. The The government also needs to pass its Finance Bill, enacting measures in the Budget, which is due to get its second reading on 22 April.

Online 'hybrid' system is being used in efforts to allow MPs to work remotely.

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