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Afghanistan Suicide Bombing Kills At Least Three, Wounds 15

KABUL, 29 April 2020, As pressure is mounting on President Ashraf Ghani to include Abdullah Abdullah in his Government, suicide attacks have taken frequency to attract attention of international community.  On 29 April, a suicide bombing close to Afghan capital Kabul killed three people and wounded 14 others.

In a statement the Interior Ministry said, "A suicide bomber detonated his explosives among civilians in the Reshkhor area of Char Asiab district of Kabul on Wednesday morning."  

The attack was close to Afghan security forces’ special operations facility, 11 kilometers from Kabul.

It was not immediately known who was responsible for the blast, as reportedly Taliban neither target civilians nor carryout proactive attacks during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Taliban spokesman has denied that its fighters were behind the bombing. It is in the interest of Taliban that cease-fire and reduction in violence should continue as agreed upon.

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