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Indo-Naga Political Dialogue Fails

NEW DELHI, 21 August 2020, TON: New Delhi has once again offered Nagas for talks, however, the Nagas have insisted for their independence as a precondition.

 On the independence day of India on 15 August 2020, BJP President Temjen Imna Along and NDPP president Chingwang Konyak in  a statement welcomed  the decision of Prime Minister  that the government of India has floated an initiative for talks Nagas to resume the Indo-Naga political dialogue with utmost seriousness to find a political solution that will pave the way for peace, progress and development.
The Indian authorities in the past had adopted a strategy to bring the Nagas with the fold o9f Indian Union by offering jobs in the government sector. Today, the government jobs are the main source of employment and the economy is largely based on salaries of Government servants. The agriculture sector, which livelihood of most of the people is in distress.  

Meanwhile, talks with former NSCN-IM cadre who had already surrendered have been invited to hold peace talks with the government of India to give an impression of a deluge with separatists.

Meanwhile NSCN-IM has rejected the inclusion of interlocutor, R N Ravi and desired his replacement. NSCN-IM cadre has made it clear that they would not accept rule of Indian Union wants a separate flag and their own constitution. However, New Delhi ruled out a separate flag and constitution since long and have scheduled talks to satisfy international community. In another development, Nagaland opposition party, Naga Peoples Front (NPF) has announced their decision to withdraw membership from the Joint Legislators Forum (JLF).

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