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US President Trump Confident of Winning November Election with Comfortable Margin

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WASHINGTON, 17 October 2020, (TON):  Washington: US President Donald Trump tweet showed his confidence of on American tax payers and he is fully hopeful of winning the upcoming elections in November.
“Polls numbers are looking very strong. Big crowds, great enthusiasm. Massive RED WAVE coming!!!” Trump tweeted.
“Very good reviews on last night’s @NBCNews Town Hall in Miami. Thank you!!!” he added.
US politics has taken much expected turn where a ordinary American tax payer has realized how important is the winning of US President Donald Trump, this time.  In last few month, the media propaganda made the stage much blur in the light of propaganda against President Trump but the situations is quite clearly visible as days are approaching nearer to November 2020 elections.

President Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden participated in two separate town hall events flinging accusations against each other on Thursday. President Trump was quite comfortable and the masses appreciated his strategies to make US strong and secure.

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