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13 Dead, More than 120 Wounded, Mostly Children After Explosion at Pakistani Mosque cum Madrassa

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PESHAWAR, 27 October 2020, (TON): Indian intelligence agencies are blaming armed separatist group of the ethnic Balochs as the one behind terrorism and named Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) to have has accepted responsibility of the attack on the Mosque cum religious Madrassa (religious seminary)  on Tuesday. Indian agencies are claiming that Baloch group is said to be demanding independence for the Balochistan province from which it operates.

The blast took place at around 8:30 AM local time at the Spin Jamaat mosque, which also serves as a religious school, named Jamia Zubairia Madrassa for local community in the Dir Colony.

The blast occurred when students and teachers were studying the Quran. According to the seminary’s administration,  “More than 1,000 people study at the Madrassa and nearly 130 people were inside the prayer hall when the blast happened. Majority of the victims are children and teachers”. The wounded were being treated at the Lady Reading Hospital and Naseerullah Khan Babar hospital.

One of the witness said that the terrorists had come through Parachinar and linked to Indian Intelligence agencies operating from Pak-Afghan border. He said that in Afghanistan, there is a reasonable percentage of Indian nationals involved in road construction and other development work. However, Pakistan is hesitant in taking sides and only involved to blame locals rather than New Delhi.

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