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2020 American Election: New Heights of Bangladesh - America Relationship

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By Umme Sayeda, The Orient News, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina congratulated Joe Biden on 8th November 2020 for electing as 46th President of the United States of America. She wished him to perform the American presidency excellently and desired to cooperate in the future. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh expressed hope for a new epoch of international peace and security, especially in prosperity and harmony in encountering the challenges of environmental degradation. In the congratulation letter, the PM mentioned the close and friendly relationship between the USA and Bangladesh since 1971 and highlighted her belief to reach newer passages with a continuous relationship in the coming days. The PM also invited the new President Joe Biden and First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, to visit Bangladesh and evaluate how the country whirled to an Asian Tiger and a developing one.

The PM Sheikh Hasina expressed her dedication to work closely with President Joe Biden to confront terrorism, violent extremism, hatred, forced displacement of the Rohingya population and to build a morally better and secured world. The PM has excellent experience of working approximately with Joe Biden. The United Nations Peace Conference 2014 was co-chaired by then US Vice President Joe Biden, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and then Rwandan President Paul Kagame. At the conference, both of the leaders of Bangladesh and American pointed out new challenges to world peace. The miserable conditions of the innocent population of various world regions, including the African countries because of violence was considered a major and complex obstacle to global peace and security.

Political analysts and leaders affirmed that the Biden Administration will be proven as remarkably full of new probabilities for Bangladesh. Bangladesh will be more significant for economic and geopolitical reasons for Biden's America. Indian continuous support towards Donald Trump and it's extreme policy undertaking will ultimately bring benefits and fortunes to Bangladesh after the political shift in the USA, according to some experts.

Bangladesh is an extremely climate endangered country. Joe Biden promised the realization of the Paris Climate Agreement which is incredibly beneficial to Bangladesh. His environmental strategies will strengthen Bangladesh's representations in the global environmental policy implementation and recommendations.

Biden safeguarded the eradication of the anti-Muslim immigration policy in the US. This undertaking will increase the immigration facilities for Bangladeshi people. Security and peace can be maintained within the US living Bangladeshi people. Students will be able to get more facilities for higher studies in the US. International relations analysts expected an opportunity for Bangladesh to GSP facility under the liberal and South-friendly leadership of President Joe Biden. Bangladesh garment and other industries will obtain easy export assistance in case of trade in the US.

Rohingya crisis will reach a new international status in the coming days. As a great power, the American government can lead the crisis to its solution. It is hoped that new Democratic President Joe Biden who supports Bangladesh in the Rohingya issue will be remarkably important in getting to a solid solution to this problem. We can conclude that the consequences of the present election of the US are ultimately will renew the probabilities of Bangladesh in world politics and other international aspects.

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