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Small-scale development projects completed in Afghanistan's Ghor province

KABUL, 26 November 2020, (TON): A total of 15 small-scale uplift projects have been completed in the relatively peaceful and poor province of Ghor, said a statement of the Ministry for Rural Development and Rehabilitation released on Thursday.

The projects include the provision of potable water, solar energy to light houses and water reservoirs implemented in Lal-o-Sarjangal district at a cost of 25 million afghani. (1 U.S. dollar equals 77.01 afghani)

The projects provided by the Ministry of Rural Development and Rehabilitation would benefit some 1,000 families.

According to the statement of the ministry, the construction of the 5-km road has been completed in the Giti district of central Daikundi province and 3-km road in the Burka district of northern Baghlan provinces recently respectively.

The development project aims to increase the volume of private investment and productive jobs in Afghanistan. The goals are to enhance the provision of land and implement development related strategies, policies and programs.

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