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OIC Reference to Kashmir: India again shamelessly denied its Unlawful Moves

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NEW DELHI, 30 November 2020, (TON): The OIC report on its activities referred to Jammu and Kashmir situation has condemned Indian Illegal annexation of Jammu and Kashmir, to which India shamelessly denied and rejected.

The report of the OIC Secretary General on its activities submitted to the 47th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers referred to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and said, “The decision of the Indian government on 5 August 2019 towards changing the demographic and geographic composition of the territory, and the continuous blockade and restrictions together with human rights abuses, had awakened renewed efforts of the international community towards a resolution of the conflict”.

However, India has denied their blatant actions, and rejected the criticism of its Kashmir policy by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation by saying, “We strongly and categorically reject the factually incorrect, gratuitous and unwarranted references to India in resolutions adopted by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).”

The resolution passed by OIC condemned the state-sponsored terrorism and crimes against humanity by Indian occupation forces against the Kashmiri people. However, Indian attempts to deny illegal occupation and unlawful moves in Jammu and Kashmir is a travesty of history. Modi has ignored many resolutions on the internationally recognised dispute with Pakistan over sovereign control of the Kashmir region. Modi claims of “new era” is only a new calamity for Kashmiris.

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