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Italians Mark 75th Anniversary of Liberation despite Coronavirus Lockdown

ROME, 25 April 2020, TON: Every year tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Italy's main cities, including Rome, Milan and Bologna, to mark the day. On Saturday, Italians waving national flags and singing the national anthem “Bella Ciao,” Sergio Mattarella, were seen in Rome and other cities. Italian President said while the Coronavirus had forced Italians to celebrate in their homes, remembering Italy’s partisans meant “reaffirming the values of freedom, justice, and social cohesion.

This year was different, though, as all public events were canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak and estimated 195,000 COVID-19 positives cases, 26,000 deaths and 63,000 recoveries in Italy as on 25 April 2020, Italians celebrated the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day and the end of World War II fascist rule under a national lockdown. Stranded at home, they went out on their balconies waving flags, singing, clapping and cheering. Among them were Italians leaders who participated in the resistance struggle movement in the 1940s against German occupation and fascist forces.

Some Italians celebrated the Feast of St Mark (La Festa di San Marco). In some Churches there were assemblies on Saturday, although the attendances were thin.  

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